Ceramic tile punch

Punch is an essential part in a ceramic tile press mold for the forming processions in ceramic tile production, and it is an easily consumable part. Performance of a punch is highly determined by quality and durability of the polyurethane coating on its surface. Appropriate choice of the coating material can prevent the tile formation process from quality problems like pattern distortion,dimension change and crack edges, and certainly extends the lifespan of the punch.

We offers a broad range of PU  punch coating to meet all sorts of requirements that may come up in application. Lifespan of normal punch coated with our products reaches 300,000 times of pressing.We hold a  70% market share in domestic market.

Synchronous Belt

Synchronous belt is one of the main moving parts in ceramic tile polishing machine and edge grinding machine,and is also applied in heavy duty transmission machinery.It withstands intense tension,pressure,abrasion and heat in operation and requires accurate mesh with the drive gears to ensure stable operation.We designed a special series of elastomer systems to meet the challenge and the finish product has proven extraordinarily durable and cost-effective.We hold a 80% market share in domestic market.

Fracturing pump fluid end seal, the valve rubber is known, the condition of fracturing pump is one of the most demanding part of consumption. Due to its extremely high working conditions, high temperature, high pressure over 100MPa, strong impact load, fracturing fluid with sand and possible acid. This part is the key to ensure the smooth progress of fracturing .

The fluid end seal of the fracturing pump developed by the star material has shown extraordinary extrusion, puncture and abrasion resistance, chemical stability in the fracturing fluid, and numerous fracturing operations in China .

Seal parts in hydraulic roof support equipment offer a challenge on the material’s abrasion, extrusion and hydrolysis resistance due to its operating condition of long time pressure maintaining and immersion in water based emulsion.WINSIN MATERIALS offers specially optimized prepolymer and semi-finished material for machined seal,and has served a large numbers of mining companies.

TIANJIN AINY also offers polyurethane prepolymers of various hardness and adabillity of diversified media.Used in manufacture of parts like scrapers and sieve plates for coal preparation, coal washing,transmission,etc.

Seal industry

With the development of the industry, the working condition of the sealing element becomes more and more severe, and the proper material selection becomes the key of the sealing system. Sealing material is now facing higher temperature, pressure, speed, has been more harsh lubrication environment. A series of high performance polyurethane prepolymer is used in the production and processing of various types of seals.

Frac Pump Fluid End seal
Fluid end seal,AKA “valve rubber”,is one of the most demanding consumable parts in frac pump due to its extreme operating condition of high temperature,high pressure over 100MPa,intense impact load,and frac fluid with sand and possibly acid.Durability of this one part is the key to the hydraulic fracturing process.
The frac pump fluid end seals developed by AINY GROUP shows extraordinary extrusion,puncture and wear resistance,with chemical stability in frac fluid and have served numerous frac operations in China.

In 2006, Colin Technical-Urethane of the American R & D Center Laboratory of new materials industry Co. Ltd. American yuan star Elevator Co. commissioned for the elevator doors hanging round plastic bags to wear and tear, heat, low noise, aging resistant performance is low, specially developed several kinds of casting polyurethane elastomer; at the same time purchased rolling experiment machine and other advanced testing equipment, with the most stringent testing standards for verification of product selection.

Through unremitting efforts and investment, the final product EVEROLL regardless of the experimental data or the actual life expectancy are beyond the European peers. With the continuous improvement of the requirements of the elevator manufacturers to hang the door, the star of the material is also appropriate and continue to improve product performance, in the same industry to maintain an absolute advantage.

With its excellent performance and technical services, EVEROLL has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with a large number of elevator and elevator parts manufacturers.

AINY supplies a series of polyurethane elastomer for casting and coated with polyurethane wheel, roller, a variety of operating conditions used in papermaking industry, textile industry, printing equipment, metal processing, printing, glass manufacturing, forklift accessories, elevator accessories etc.. With good wear resistance, solvent resistance, low internal heat, low permanent pressure and other characteristics. Wide operating window at the same time, suitable for manual operation.

In the screen printing process, the scraper is used to scrape the squeeze ink, the object to be printed on the screen in the tool. The smoothness of the blade directly affects the precision of the printing. In the process of working, the scraper and the screen friction, and with a variety of organic solvents of ink for a long time, so the material of wear resistance, solvent resistance performance challenges. After the use of knife blade wear, can be maintained by grinding the knife edge, extend the life, to ensure that the economy, but also on the aging resistance of the material requirements. A series of polyurethane prepolymer with hardness range from A40 to A90 degree, which can meet the requirements of various working conditions, and the operation window is wide, suitable for manual operation.