Project Description

Auto temperature-control cooling system of engine (ATS) is an upgraded product of engine cooling system.

The traditional engine cooling system is driven by the engine crankshaft through the belt and directly drives the cooling fan to rotate to dissipate heat. However this control mode has many drawbacks, such as: a. When the engine temperature is low, the fan still performs forced heat dissipation continuously. The engine’s low temperature operation time is lengthened, engine wear is intensified, and fuel consumption is wasted. b. When the temperature needs to be adjusted to heat dissipation suitably, the engine is often in a state of low speed and heavy load. Because the fan speed is too low to provide sufficient cooling, resulting in a high water temperature “boiling” phenomenon. c. The temperature difference between winter and summer is large, but the control of the traditional cooling system does not take the differences of four seasons into account in, resulting in the phenomenon that the engine is too cold in winter and overheated in summer.

Based on the above reasons, Beijing Ainy developed the ATS cooling system, which can solve the above problems systematically by utilizing the characteristics of the independent operation of the electronic fan, so that the engine can work in the best working condition and meet the operating conditions of the bus. Reduce vehicle exhaust emissions, reduce PM2.5 emissions, improve urban atmospheric environmental quality, achieve low-carbon environmental protection of urban passenger cars, and create a healthy, green and harmonious living environment for people.

ATS technology advantages:

Noise reduction: fan noise reduction more than 8dB (A)

Energy saving: vehicle fuel consumption is reduced more than 5%

Emission reduction: intelligent control to reduce engine emissions

Efficiency: optimum operating temperature for optimum engine efficiency

Life extension: the best working conditions can extend the life of the engine

Space Increase increase engine warehouse maintenance space

Maintenance free: free of maintenance