Motor can be applied to the drawing frame in textile industry; it is designed and installed in the coil drive system of the drawing frame. The motor is connected with the coil disc, and directly drives the coil disc to operate at a constant speed under the working state.

it replaces the traditional belt drive system, improves the efficiency of the drive system, reduces the vibration during the drawing frame operation, reduces the process preparation time for product conversion of different specifications, and improves the automation level and production efficiency of the drawing frame.

it takes the axial magnetic field disc structure without core. The structure is characterized by double permanent magnetic rotor and single armature stator. Because of double air gap and armature without slots and iron core, there is no torque ripple caused by alveolar when motor is running, torque output is stable, motor weight is light, and specific power is high; At the same time, because there is no core eddy current loss and hysteresis loss, the motor efficiency can be greatly improved and the motor energy consumption can be reduced

Motor model ANB1.5-A Motor type PMSM
Rated power 1.5 kW Insulation grade E level
Max RPM 1500 r/min Protection level IP65
Rated torque 9.5 Nm Weight 8.8 kg
Rated efficiency ≥93% Cooling type Natural cooling
Overall diamension ф328×56(mm) Controller input voltage 380VAC
Triphase 380VAC

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